Are You Sweating the Right Sprouts? – Positive Coping During Challenging Times.

Do you…

  • find that day to day demands affect your well-being?
  • feel that negative stress affects your health?
  • want to cope more positively with setbacks?
  • want to learn practical, ‘no- nonsense’ tools to manage these demanding times more positively?

Then this session is for you…

  • Put stress in its place – the cabbages and stress link
  • Recognise and manage overwhelm more effectively – the cabbage or sprout conundrum
  • Deal with the demands of life, work and these challenging times – Slicing, Dicing and Sweating – positive coping tips
  • Developing a Resilient/‘Self Care’ Focus – meet your ‘inner ????’ (One final secret vegetable)

The session will be engaging, interactive and fun, whilst providing you with practical, no-nonsense tips and tools to implement in your day to day life.


Stress(ed) Guru, Dave Algeo is an engaging, entertaining speaker, bringing research and experience together in his own unique way to provide a fun and memorable conference session.

With many years as a police officer and leader, Dave has experienced his share of challenges and learned the hard way, how critical it is to develop a genuine resilience and positive mindset.

He now shares key tools in using memorable vegetable related metaphors to help others develop their own resilience, support others in doing so and promote positive mentally healthy cultures.