How to build resilience in your leadership

Events over the past few years will have impacted on even the hardiest of us at some level and personal resilience is going to play a huge part in our ability to head into 2024 and beyond with positivity.

So wouldn’t you like to start next year knowing you as a leader have the mental resilience to lighten your load?  To further develop your resilience, so you can handle whatever comes your way and guide your team?

To help you, Professional Leadership Guide Karl Beckett will take you through his Resilience Valley process sharing key areas you can utilise to develop the skill of resilience over time and use practical tools, including mindfulness, to weather those storms and bounce forward.


Karl specialises in guiding leaders to lead, by using the wild outdoors and his Resilience valley model to develop confidence, creativity and resilience in today’s leaders, gained by his 26 years’ experience in senior leadership positions.

He helps his clients be more impactful and effective as a leader, by taking the weight off their shoulders and giving them the mental tools and attitudes to enable them to survive and thrive in a competitive world.

Karl has a passion for the natural world. He started his working life in the Scottish hills as a Shepherd, moving into Land management on farms and estates in the countryside. He then joined the family firm of construction and healthcare and grew the business with the board from 4 business units to 14, with 500 staff and a £14 million turnover business where he was Director and Managing Director for 14 years.

He has held senior roles in community organisations, sport, education, care and was trustee of a £42 million Social care and housing charity with 1500 staff.

His own Leadership and resilience business has been established for 8 years now, working in a variety of different industries with over 80 client transformations. He has been a member of the RICS Chartered Surveyors for 20 years and member of Vistage for 12 years.