Building high performing teams through your real client journey

You and your team need a competitive edge in a fast moving world. Many firms don’t realise there are some remarkable opportunities for growth and development hidden in your “Real Client Journey”.

The key development areas at the heart of developing high performing teams are communication, relationship building and trust, This shines through both your real client journey and your internal journey.

Nevil helps you and your firm understand how you create your own high performing teams. He helps you see what separates a high-performing team from a regular team. He will show you how to support your high performing teams in:

  • Understanding their barriers, behaviours and best outcomes.
  • Developing a strong strategic understanding of your client journey
  • Having world-class, managed processes and systems – your team knowing why, how and what to do to deliver the very best for your clients.
  • Encouraging creative discussions that lead to growth and improvements in your client journey.
  • Developing and maintaining trust between all team members and becoming trusted advisers for your clients.

If you want to find out how to unlock your firm’s potential, then this keynote is for you.


Nevil is the founding director of New Results, a business that helps professional services firms and professionals develop and grow.

In his work, Nevil helps professional services organisations with:

  • Leadership and management development.
  • Personal and professional development.
  • Sales and business development.

Nevil was involved in launching two of the UK’s most familiar brands in Dyson and BlackBerry. He has worked as part of FTSE100 companies management teams for over a decade and in sales for 25 years. Nevil launched a significant coaching programme for BT helping them engaging and winning business clients across the globe.