Unlock Your Personal Power and Increase Your Confidence and Impact

You don’t have to be the boss to have power and influence others. You are innately powerful because of the unique gifts and experiences you possess.
During this session, you will have the opportunity to explore your understanding of power and how you can harness your own internal strengths for change.

You will also be introduced to the concept of feminine power and how it is not weak to be feminine. In fact, there is great strength in accessing your feminine qualities such as intuition, nurturing and creativity.

You will be coached on how to choose more empowering beliefs and start showing up with more authentic confidence in your personal and professional life.


Norma is a transformational coach and trainer supporting people to rediscover who they really are and realise their higher potential.
Using a feminine-centred approach, Norma guides her clients to unlock their personal power and heal, so that they can be who they came here to be with greater, impact, meaning and joy.

She is a visionary and is particularly passionate about improving organisational cultures so that people feel like they belong, rather than have to fit in. She models self-leadership and is committed to her own growth and learning.

Prior to setting up her own business, Norma spent over 15 years’ in the corporate world in a wide range of roles including solicitor, construction project manager, organisational change manager and leadership development consultant.

She is an avid traveller and has worked in several countries including Australia, France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Norma is a new first time mom and is happiest when having a deep and genuine conversation, speaking French or trying something new, like axe-throwing!